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67 Yr. Old Cher Stuns Fans With heart-stopping Outfits . .

April 11, 2014
        1. tuface
        2. Boston — Cher performed in a concert at TD Garden on April 9, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts
          where showed why she is one of pop music's ultimate showbiz superstars.
          67 year-old Cher took the stage in Boston, Massachusetts, on Thursday in a variety of dramatic costumes which left fans stunned. The ever-youthful singer endured six costume changes during the aptly named Dressed To Kill tour, including a diamond-encrusted fringed dress with nipple pasties.
        3. Clearly appealing in part to her gay audience, Cher ensured her latest stage show was both camp and cool. One outfit saw her dressed like Cleopatra, complete with feathered head-dress, while another saw her sport a native Indian costume. 
        4. Delighting fans further, she even wore her iconic ensemble from the 1989 'If I Could Turn Back Time' "'video, which saw her sport a sheer, full-length body stocking with a diamond-encrusted finish, leather biker jacket, thong and knee-high boots.
          Impressively, she looked hardly any different to when she debuted the look more than 25 years ago when she filmed the famous video on board the battleship USS more
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•- April 10, 2014
        1. pastor
        2. Pastor Sylvester Amadi of Redeemed Fire Ministry, in Obowo Imo State did what he thought was best when the news of the two pregnant women was revealed to members of his Pentecostal Ministry, he turned tail and ran away to unknown destination, Nigerian FM learned.

        3. The woman and her teen daughter were taken to Pastor Sylvester Amadi by the leaders and elders of the community after the woman's husband died of mysterious stomach problems. The elders believed the two women had something to do with the death of the man and took them to Pastor Sylvester Amadi for healing of the evil spirits that they believed were troubling them. Pastor Sylvester Amadi promised to heal the women fully by conducting prayers for them so that the troubling spirits would leave the two women alone..Read More
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Hillary Clinton gets George Bush treatment. Woman throws shoes at her in Las Vegas

•- April 10, 2014
        1. 50cnets
        2. Hillary Clinton got the George Bush treatment in Vegas Thursday -- an unidentified woman threw a shoe at the former Secretary of State during a speech ...

          Clinton was speaking at Mandalay Bay for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries when the assailant threw the shoe at her.

          Watch the video to see what happens -- Clinton dodges it like a champ and then has some hilarious words for the audience.

          The shoe thrower was escorted out of the hotel immediately -- and law enforcement sources tell us, she's currently in custody with the Secret Service.

          You'll recall, George Bush famously dodged not one -- but TWO -- shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist in 2008.

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mom who left kids in hot car for job interview fights to clear name

April 8, 2014
        1. longislabd
        2. A Phoenix woman arrested after leaving her two kids in a hot vehicle during a job interview is fighting to clear her name in court, with the support of a New Jersey woman who has raised more than $91,000 to help her effort.
          Unemployed and on food stamps, Shanesha Taylor went to the job interview last month at a Scottsdale insurance company.
          The 35-year-old wasn't able to find a sitter, so she left her 2-year-old son and 6-month old baby in her Dodge Durango with the key still in the ignition and the windows rolled down an inch. Read More
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Lagos-Nigeria: Unemployed Graduate attempts suicide

April 12, 2014
        1. bronx_mum
        2. Men of the Akwa Ibom police command yesterday stopped a suicide attempt by a Mechanical Engineering graduate of Ekiti State University who identified himself as Sunday Omotayo.
        3. According to eyewitness, Sunday jumped off a of a speeding Toyota Hiace bus, expecting to be crushed to death by oncoming vehicles on the road leading to Ibom Plaza, Uyo.
        4. The police said Sunday had earlier gone to the Prison Service asking warders to either kill him or allow him rot in jail.
        5. An official at the prison who spoke anonymously said, "We just saw somebody, well dressed and on tie with no look of mentally deranged running towards us. His action forced us to become immediately alert with our weapons.
        6. "The next thing he said was 'shoot me', 'shoot me', 'I want to die', 'I am tired of this world.' We were still facing him with our weapons when he scrambled towards us, saying we should allow him to enter and die inside the prison."
        7. It was after prison officials calmed him done and got him on a bus that from his sitting jumped off the to attempt the failed suicide. Journalists at the scenece heard Omotayo mumbling, "There is no state that I have not gone to in search of job in the past 10 years, but none for me.
        8. Speaking with the press, Sunday lamented: "I came to Akwa Ibom State because this is my last hope. I have heard stories of Governor Godswill Akpabio uncommon transformation. But unfortunately, since I came, I discovered that even many people from Akwa Ibom are also crying because of poverty and joblessness.


          70 year old man dies having sex with a married woman - 70_year_old_man


          – IT was a shameful death for a 70 years old man identified as David, yesterday, when he slumped and died after having marathon sex with a married woman in a hotel in Benin City. He died at one of the hotels in the Government Reservation Area, Benin City.The incident, according to reports happened at about 1pm.

          A son to the deceased who did not give his name said his father left home 45 minutes earlier. The son said they were called by the police to come to the Benin Central Hospital only to see the dad's corpse. Doctors on duty said David was brought stone dead to the hospital. The woman was also present at the hospital but policemen ferried her away to prevent her from being mobed. The corpse was deposited at the Central Hospital mortuary.

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50 Cent Must Pay $16 Million In Damages For Stealing Design Secrets-Judge Rules

NigeApril 12, 2014-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
        1. 50cnets
        2. It's a good thing 50 Cent is extremely rich, because a judge in Florida just dropped a financial bomb on the Queens-born rapper/entrepreneur. This judgment finally settles a legal battle that has raged between 50 Cent, AKA Curtis Jackson, and a headphone company called Sleek Audio for the past two years.

          The original lawsuit alleged that 50 Cent (who is still technically a partner in Sleek Audio) stole extremely valuable trade secrets and technology to launch a competing line of headphones through a newly formed company (that he majority owned) called SMS Audio.rt for a child that turned out not his.

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